Put a Spark in Your Message!

Susan M Sparks is an Amazon Best-Selling author and writer for numerous entrepreneurs, small business owners, coaches and motivational speakers who dream of being a published author. 

Why work with Susan?writing coach Susan M. Sparks

Of course, you can go on large freelance sites where you never know who you are dealing with. Your lowest bid project may even be pawned off to a junior writer that you never have direct contact with. Be assured that Susan is your dedicated partner in each stage of this creative process.

Whether you have 10 words or 10,000, we can start from there and create a strategy that gets your name in print sooner than you imagined. The first step is discussing your project and the goals you have in mind. Your content and ideas are always held in the strictest confidence throughout the process.

Susan works with a limited number of projects to ensure every aspect of the project is top quality. To learn how she can put a Spark in your message, select your need in one of the boxes above.