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Tell Your Company Story with Case Studies * Articles * and E-Books that educate your prospect, positions you as a trusted source, and instills confidence in their buying decisions.

Susan Sparks specializes in telling your business story as a content marketing writer. She combines the best of her experience as a national award-winning journalist, a C-Suite public affairs professional, and entrepreneurial marketer to deliver professional content marketing copy for the senior living, downsizing, and lifestyle markets. 

She creates Case Studies, White Papers, Articles, and E-books that engage the reader, convinces them to pursue a business relationship with you, and ultimately, trust you with their dollars. 

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Case Studies 

Why rely on online reviews when your client’s success stories can speak for you?

Client Success Stories (known as Case Studies) are the ideal way to tell your company story, persuade prospects to become clients, and position you as a trusted provider.

  1. People love stories – especially before and after stories
  2. It’s not you tooting your own horn – others are singing your praises
  3. Case Studies are the antidote to internet trolls or fake reviews like those that plague Yelp or Glass Door
  4. Satisfied customers are your best salespeople
  5. People like to know they are making the right decision by working with you – customer success stories do that!

They can take on another life of their own – as sales’ samples, award submissions, educating your customer service team on what customers value, your speaking material, press releases and more – learn how you can leverage customer goodwill into great dividends.

White Papers

It’s said we are now in the information overload age. It’s all the more reason your message needs a professional touch. Your prospect wants concise information that answers their questions so they can be assured you are the best choice.  And with top-quality planning, research, interviews, and SEO attention, you can promote your service or product for maximum exposure and response.

Be sure to ask how to maximize your White Paper through repurposing for other media content.


There’s a lot of noise on the internet these days, and most of it isn’t accurate, concise, or even believable. Clear copy shines like a beacon, attracting your ideal customer. When your customer is searching for solutions, doesn’t it make sense to help them with useful content so they will feel good about doing business with you?

Susan’s expertise in research, interviews, and feature-length reporting means your articles are more than internet fluff. Couple that with her copywriting and SEO skills, and your content will increase your exposure and rankings.


Susan has extensive experience as a ghostwriter of over two dozen books for small business owners. Whether your lead generation content is a white paper, E-book, Webinar, or Media Interview, your message will come through loud and clear with Susan’s help.

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