Writer for Environmentally-Positive, Green Solution & Health/Wellness Experts and Businesses

Are you growing in the Green Space?

My personal life change to a whole-food, plant-based diet has supercharged my passion for helping individuals and businesses who are focused on helping people, animals, and our planet with environmentally positive, sustainable, and healthful products and services.

If you’re in the people-planet-positive space and need help with your message, let’s talk!


My experience in news and feature writing for print, radio, and digital media makes me your ideal partner, collaborator, and coach through the ghostwriting process.
I’ve written over two dozen books for entrepreneurs, speakers, and small businesses on how-to subjects that inspire and improve the life of the reader.

I am a great listener, an even better interviewer, and eager to share your mission as my own to ensure you are reflected authentically in the content that reaches your readers.

Sharing your story of transformation through a book, article or newsletter happens when we establish a strong bond of trust and collaboration. It’s important that we “fit” and the best way to determine that is through a get-acquainted conversation. 

My ghostwriting experience includes working with hybrid publishers and self-published authors. Regardless of which road you choose, I will keep you on time and on target.

The first step in your book journey is to talk with me and see if it’s a good fit. Start the DISCOVERY process by clicking here (a new window will appear) once you’ve completed the form, I’ll contact you for a time to talk.


Susan M. Sparks, author

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