Power Through the Pandemic, Politics & Problems

THE MAGNETIC WAY to Attract Your dream client


Capture Your Prospect's Attention


Create Interest and Desire


Quickly Convert Them to PAYING Clients

Power through the Pandemic, Politics & Problems



Capture Your Prospect's Attention


Create Interest and Desire


Quickly Convert Them to PAYING Clients

Learn the right words that grab your prospect’s attention, creates interest, curiosity, and desire so strong they can’t wait to hire you!

WHAT will your learn in this mini-course


How to tell if you’re selling the wrong thing

If you’re selling 4 coaching calls or a 6 week program, you’re selling the wrong thing
It’s a common mistake, and so easy to correct once you learn how.


Why being cute, clever, or creative is a deadly marketing mistake

Vague descriptions like “live your best life” or “step into your greatness” causes confusion, increases hesitation and creates a barrier

What your prospect needs satisfied when it comes to their emotions

As humans, we have specific emotional needs that must be met before we make a decision. Learn how to speak to those emotional triggers. 

When too much information is just too much

I get it – we’re so excited about all the ways we can help our clients, but too much too soon actually turns them off

How to not only attract more clients, but your DREAM CLIENTS

This simple, easy-to-understand method is the same process I use with my writing clients. It may be simple, but it’s critical to your marketing success.


Where to find and confidently use the EXACT WORDS to attract your dream client

It’s more accurate than Google and much easier, authentic, and engaging

“People only buy two things, good feelings and solutions to a problem.” Michael LeBeouf

*Imagine discovering the unintentional barriers you’re putting in your Dream Client’s way and learning how easily you can reach them once you know what they are searching for.
*Imagine your relief to finally understand the underlying psychological and emotional triggers that affect their buying behavior.
*Imagine eliminating the stress of struggling to get clients or customers and enjoy working with eager clients.

And best of all…attracting more of your ideal client means growth, revenue, and success for you.

No more guesswork. No more frustration. Just a simple, scientific strategy that works.

In less than an hour you’ll discover:

  • How to WEED out the words that make prospects run the other way
  • Why you shouldn’t say you’re a top performer or talk about your mission
  • What you say that creates a barrier
  • How to tell if you’re selling the wrong thing
  • The most reliable source for finding the right words isn’t Google, and I’ll show you where to look
  • How to SEED your message with authentic, attractive words you’ll love using that make an instant connection with your audience
  • FEED those emotional triggers so they’ll quickly bond with you
  • Learn why they don’t care how many sessions or coaching calls there are, or the type of shake or workout plan until they know this
  • Why being cute, clever, or creative is a deadly marketing mistake
  • When too much information is just too much
  • Be confident in your message and use it everywhere; on your website, newsletters, social media posts and networking – everywhere you encounter prospects

What if you knew exactly how to speak to your prospect in a way that creates instant interest, curiosity, and desire to take that next step with you? 

Right now many business owners are facing changes they never anticipated due to this global pandemic. Now we’ve added politics to the mix, making the current climate even more tense.

It may seem there’s too much noise to get your dream client’s attention.

But I have some good news: it is possible to attract your dream client when you use the exact words that draw them in:

Enticing, Irresistible, and Surprisingly Easy Messaging! 

Learn how to get their attention, create interest, and convert them to paying clients with this short course that will transform your business.

Is this you?

You’ve tried social media ads, posted a few blogs, and ran through all your ideas. Still, you’re struggling to get clients.

It’s easy to blame it all on current events: the pandemic, working from home, isolation, and now political bickering.

And while it’s true that there’s a lot of noise going on out in the world, there is a way to cut through all that static and reach your dream client…

by using the enticing, irresistible high-conversion words that attract them.

I’ve been there. Ten years ago, I was laid off from a great job writing articles, speeches and more for the commander of a major naval installation. Due to changing contracts, I was assured I’d be back the following week under a new contract. When that didn’t happen, I knew my next step was working for myself. So, I let it be known that I was a freelance copywriter…I thought my message was straightforward: I’m a copywriter, hire me!

My first lesson was the biggest; why I wasn’t attracting clients

It wasn’t because I didn’t try. I attended networking events, I invested in high-ticket training programs,  I created a website and told everyone I knew that I was available to write content for them.

My Mistake?

 I was talking all about me and not listening for what my potential clients were looking for. 

Changing my message was a total game changer! I soon had plenty of clients.

If you are struggling to attract prospects, chances are you’re putting out a message that doesn’t fulfill the basic human need we all have.

I share this simple shift with you inside the training.

When business owners and entrepreneurs talk about themselves: their years in business, certifications, tools, assessments, and programs BEFORE connecting with their prospect’s basic human nature,  they’ve created more reasons for hesitation, skepticism and buyer’s resistance.

Before you can lead a prospect through the buyer’s journey, you need to get their attention and answer the one CRITICAL question they have.

Your prospect may not understand what a DISC assessment is, or why your certification matters. Top sales awards or years of business are great reasons to be proud of your business, but that’s not what your prospect really cares about when they first learn about you.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s important info, but not in your first stages of the Buyer’s Journey. Discover what’s really on your prospect’s mind and what they want to know before you tell them all about you.

NOTE: This is not a course on how to write copy. What you’ll learn is the foundation of all copywriting, this step is the research and strategy that goes into a successful copywriting project.

Once you’ve learned how to find the right words, you’ll be able to confidently incorporate them into any marketing message: social media posts, videos, articles, emails, and in your day-to-day networking and interaction with prospects. 

As a marketing copywriter, I don’t just sit down and start with a headline. This is the actual process I go through with and for my clients BEFORE anything is written. 

In these troubling times, there will be a lot of business owners who throw up their hands and walk away from something they’ve worked hard to build. They will blame the pandemic, politics, or other current events.

Don’t let that be you – emerge with more clients – better clients, and the confidence and knowledge on how to communicate your value quickly and easily.


Susan Sparks

Susan M. Sparks, owner of ASAP Writing Services, specializes in CREATING DESIRE by writing marketing content for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
She is an AWAI verified copywriter, national award-winning journalist, and Amazon Best-Selling Author and the ghostwriter of over two dozen non-fiction books for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Don’t just take it
from me;

See what some of my customers have to say!

“Wow, your presentation was a firehose, but so much helpful information. I can’t wait to implement these changes in my marketing.”

Shelly B.

Corporate Trainer
Lafayette, IN

I have been in business for many years always struggling as to the best way to market what I do. Then I met Susan! What a change in my message and my business.”

Jennifer J.

Jack Canfield Certified Trainer
Indianapolis, IN


I already do advertising in mainstream media, isn't that just as good?

For mainstream advertising to pay off, you've got to pay a lot for the repetition it takes to make an impact. Just compare paying for a minute commercial to the opportunity to be interviewed as a subject matter expert (At No Cost to You). It's an incredible value.

I’m on the fence. Is the Priceless Publicity Training worth the price?

My video tutorial, and comprehensive guidebook bundle is $39. Much less than you'd pay for my services in creating a media kit for you. My individual clients pay $750 just to start with me.

Can I reach you to ask questions?

Absolutely!  I'd love to hear your questions and feedback. As I talk about in this short course, getting your dream client's feedback is key. My email is everywhere - in the course, and here on my site.

Why do I need this course?

By far the best question you can ask. 

Too many businesses rely on Social Media to promote their product or service. However, algorithms are constantly changing, and audiences can be fickle...going off to latest trendy platform. It can be a full time job just to keep up. This training shows you how to reach a wider audience with NO AD SPEND.

What if I buy the Priceless Publicity bundle and it’s not what I hoped for?

I tried to make my training features as clear as possible, but if you find yourself disappointed, email Susan@ASAPWritingServices.com and tell me your thoughts. I’ll get back to you and we’ll come up with a solution!

What makes you an expert at this, Susan?

I've been a freelance copywriter for over 10 years, working with all types of clients in many niches. One thing I've found is many business owners struggle to attract the type of clients they'd love to work with.
I've been there too - taking clients that turned out to be wrong in many ways. It's such a drain on your energy and efforts, and usually ends up costing you instead of helping you grow your business.
This course is a lot of my own experiences plus the hours and hours of self-study I've invested over the years in sales psychology, human nature, and successful copywriting.  I'm happy to share what I've learned!



Learn how to find the right words that not only attract MORE clients, but your DREAM CLIENTS who will find your offers irresistable.