Writing Coach – Work with Susan M. Sparks

Achieve your writing dreams with Susan M. Sparks

Is this the year you’ve set a goal to blog consistently, submit an article or finish your book? Great!

Did you get stuck? That’s great too!

The good news is feeling stuck is a strong signal for you to stop and assess where your message is headed. It’s also easy to get past that sticking point, and working with a writing coach and editor can help you charge ahead at even greater speed.

Susan Sparks has helped entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers and aspiring authors renew their focus and transform their ideas into blogs, articles, e-books and printed books. As your writing coach, She can help you reach your writing goals by helping you get clear on the necessary components including:

  • Proof of Concept – does your “why” really meet a need?
  • Guidance and feedback to stay on track and meet your deadline
  • Developmental editing – do you stay on topic, does your content flow, is your message clear?
  • Line editing – unsure of your vocabulary, grammar or syntax?
  • Publishing prep – what happens when you actually finish that book?

Self-Publishing Assistance

When your work is ready to share. I offer self-publishing assistance that includes:

  • Font selection/Interior Design
  • Formatting for print and Kindle
  • Assistance with ISBN number purchase and set up
  • Creation of Amazon Author Page and Amazon Seller Account
  • Uploading final product to Amazon/CreateSpace or Traditional Printer

Let's Start!

Non-fiction, business how-to, wellness, self-help, motivation and inspiration

Susan M. Sparks is a four-time author and ghostwriter for over a dozen titles. She works with her clients – one to one. When you partner with Susan, you are actually working with Susan, you are not farmed off to an assistant on a cut-rate writing site.

If you are ready to turn your dream into reality, your attempts into triumph, it’s time to talk to Susan. Schedule your complimentary, no-obligation strategy call.

Susan Sparks not only brings a polished grammatical aspect to your work, she provides an unbiased point of view to insure  credibility, while maintaining the voice and authenticity of the author. Susan provided for me a stress-free experience with the self-publishing process as well, by formatting and uploading my book to Amazon and creating an author page. The greatest part of working with Susan Sparks is her attention to detail in an organized and simplistic manner that allows you, the author, to remain creative and calm, so to actually enjoy the entire process of writing and publishing your work. I will use Susan for my next book, and you should too.
Joy Popma Gray

Author, Catch and Release

“It is my goal to help you realize your goal of being an author. Your story, experiences and expertise needs to be shared with your audience – together, we can make that happen. Whether you are too busy to get it done, overwhelmed by work and obligations, or know the power of delegating tasks to the experts for the best results, I welcome the opportunity to discuss your ideas, timeline, and budget to ensure we are a good fit. All content is confidential and copyrighted by you.” – Susan M. Sparks