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Ah technology.

As a business owner there are so many things we ‘should’ be doing. I will confess that sometimes I get behind on my shoulds. (don’t we all?) So, I decided to update my email list on Mail Chimp and combined some lists. Yay me, mark that one off the list.

The next morning, I see responses to my “Nice to Meet You” email. The automatic one that I have to follow up whenever I meet someone new. The responses were from some people that had already received that email and some long time clients, “Oh? We just met? LOL”

So, rather than blame it on some computer malfunction, I’ll fess up. I did that. And it wasn’t technology’s fault. In fact, it functioned exactly as advertised. Add a new name to the list and the email sequence begins.

Operating in honesty

So, an extra email isn’t a bad thing, but how many other areas do we decide to just cover things up?  In both personal and professional life, we often fib just to smooth things over. After all, it may just be a small thing; “That blouse looks fine,” “Your presentation was good” or “It’s ok, everybody runs late.” But does that really serve anyone?

While we all want to be helpful and give positive feedback, we often chicken out when it comes to being honest. If you were asked directly for feedback, would you really be honest?

I’m not advocating brutal honesty – but honest feedback delivered in a helpful way. It may not be the most flattering blouse, or the presentation could use some revisions or the tardy party needs to know that being late affects your schedule for the rest of the day. As a recovering people pleaser, I often have to remind myself that speaking the truth is actually much kinder than smoothing things over with a fib, especially if I want to establish meaningful, supportive relationships.

Yes, a duplicate email is merely an oops. An oops triggered by me, a human being, trying to do everything on my to-do list.

So, if you were annoyed by a seemingly random, and ill-timed email from me, I am sorry. However, thanks to you who got back in touch, it’s encouraging to know you actually read them!

Susan M Sparks offers copywriting, publishing services and coaching for aspiring authors. She is the author of four books and ghostwriter for many entrepreneurial non-fiction titles. She can be reached at