ask a ghostwriterThe Right Questions to Find Your Ideal Ghostwriter

If you’ve never hired a ghostwriter before, you may be wondering how to find your ideal ghostwriting match. Working with a ghostwriter is not the same as using a virtual assistant or transcriptionist to create a simple ebook or article. A professional ghostwriter can elevate your project into a polished, high-quality book.

Your departmental admin assistant has a litany of tasks to perform and even if they are a grammar superstar, they might not be skilled as a strategic communicator. Most virtual assistants are juggling emails for one client, posting social media memes for another, and hurrying through your content since they’re charging by the hour.

A transcriptionist will give you the written form of your voice memos or interviews. That includes most incomplete sentences which may leave you wondering what you were getting at. This raw material will definitely need structure and editing, even if you are self-publishing. Today’s readers can spot a poorly composed book by the end of the first page.

There are numerous online options for writing your book, so it’s important you know what to ask for and the right questions to ask. Beware of new writers who claim they “love” to write. They may confuse creativity with strategy and structure. A professional ghostwriter focuses on the structure, strategy, and capturing your voice to keep your message succinct and on track. They will do extensive pre-writing work in creating an outline, establish talking points, and defining the overall message.

A transcriptionist or remote bulk content freelancer will not work with you on strategy or challenge your ideas, they only present what you provide in a readable form. A professional ghostwriter is both collaborator and consultant, ready to share insight with you on why a certain formula will work, the best tone of voice, reading level, and the biggest factor of all – clearly communicating the benefits to your reader.

What To Ask Your Potential Ghostwriter:

Do you have any background or experience in my area?

If not, how do you research or prepare for new subject matter?

What is your typical writing style?

How do you approach capturing a client’s voice in their book?

How does your writing process work?

How does the revision process work?

Do you conduct additional research or fact-checking?

What are your rates?
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What Your Potential Ghostwriter Needs To Ask You:

Who is your reader?

What do you want them to do after reading your book?

How will you be using this book?

How much work have you already done on this book or topic?

What titles are similar to your prospective topic/book?

What did you like or dislike about them?

These initial questions should get you better acquainted and help you determine if you are a good fit. It’s important that you feel comfortable discussing details, whether personal or professional, and that the ghostwriter will honor the confidentiality and privacy of the material. Always ask for a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) from the ghostwriter as well.