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Understanding the elements of a persuasive marketing message allows you to maximize every opportunity to share your business. It’s not just for a sales letter or email; as you meet people at a networking event, give a presentation or share referrals, these proven principles help you forge stronger connections faster with less resistance or skepticism.

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Do you dread the 60-second introduction at networking events?
Learn how you can be memorable with these Simple 60-Second Starters that lead to a follow-on conversation, so you can convert casual listeners into prospects which lead to customers!



If you’ve been using the same message over and over only to be disappointed with poor response, it’s time for a copy makeover.

A copy makeover can cure:

  • Ineffective Headlines
  • All about You message
  • Missing critical components including; lack of benefits, overcoming pre-existing doubts in your prospect’s mind, muddled, vague or over-hyped content that leads to nowhere, and other fatal flaws
  • Wimpy or non-existent offers
  • Absence of a call-to-action and lack of urgency




5 FATAL FLAWS: Why Prospects Ignore Your Offer

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs struggle with their clear marketing message or they get so caught up in Social Media Noise that they don’t attract the right prospects, and even if they do – they lack the plan for converting them into customers.