ASAP Writing Services, self-publishing, writing, author, get published, write a bookWe’ve just watched an incredible story unfold before us in the past several weeks. Regardless if you are a baseball fan or not, it was fun to keep up with the building excitement, the rush of hope and, the endless tales of superstition, rituals, and legends. The seventh game of the 2016 World Series will be an enduring topic of discussion. It is safe to say the entire world knows the story of Chicago and Cleveland and their journey to the series – truly a time when fiction could never write anything better than the true events that transpired.

Promoters and marketers could not have predicted the excitement and interest of a world-wide audience. It wasn’t a cute logo or careful program scheduling that drew everyone in, it was the story of two hard luck teams and their dream-come-true playoff games.

We thrive on the connection a story brings. Think of getting to know someone, it doesn’t take long after the initial pleasantries to start sharing the stories of where we’ve been or what we’ve done. Once you share those stories, there is a connection to build on.

When you are planning your overall message and marketing strategy, don’t leave out your story. Regardless of your product or service, it is your story that draws people to you. If you think there’s nothing special, I challenge you to think again. Was there a time when you absolutely knew you were on the right track? I know of a physician who found a Playskool doctor’s kit under the Christmas tree as a child. She remembers the moment she knew she would become a doctor.

Another marketing expert tells of a job loss that nearly devastated him both financially and emotionally. In desperation to keep the lights on and food on his table, he began to explore unique ways to promote himself in the job market, discovering a new passion helping others develop their own message. Today, he has a thriving, nation-wide advertising business.

Think about your story – in my case I was a horse-crazy third grader who begged for a horse every night at supper. My dad would listen patiently while I reiterated the compelling reasons why I should have one. All my attention was focused on getting a horse. I tried to learn to draw realistic looking horses. I had pictures of Trigger and Secretariat on my wall where other girls had Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy. I wrote stories, albeit Charlie the Horse was a bit trite, my breakthrough title was A Fight for Victory, which I wrote, illustrated, and presented complete with little plastic horses, as a play before my entire class. I thank Miss Hinshaw for allowing me that moment, the appreciation of my creative effort, and the encouragement to keep it up.

You too have a story. It’s unique and compelling. But, how do you integrate it into your business, brand, and image? As you look ahead to the coming year, include your story in your promotional strategy. If you need help telling that story, then we should talk. I’d love to be the first one to hear it, and then we’ll make sure the world hears it too.
© 2016 Susan M. Sparks