Save the bees, The Onesie, Susan M. SparksThings are getting green! What a wacky spring, (some call it Sprinter) we’ve had. As a farm kid, I learned early on that wet and cold springs put farmers behind schedule for planting crops. Despite all the technology afforded us in most any industry, farming still boils down to earth, sun, and rain.

Since it is the season for planting, this weeks’ Onesie will have an agricultural flavor. As promised here is:

  1. Something good
  2. One helpful hint
  3. One Challenge
  4. One Opportunity

So let’s get started.

Something Good:

I’ve been privileged to get to know the people at Lamb Farms while working on their blog content over the past year or more. One division of their farming operation is AgriStewards. Their mission is to help those in underdeveloped countries learn farming techniques that not only feed their family but help them develop sustainable ag programs that feed the entire village and provide a livelihood for the farmer. This year, AgriStewards will be bringing the same mission to an urban garden program in Indianapolis. So many in urban areas don’t realize where their food comes from. Getting your hands in the soil, planting seeds and reaping the harvest is really something good.

One Helpful Hint

From The Computer Guy – Pat Palmer: Be aware of quizzes on social media (Mainly Facebook) where you are asked things like the name of your first pet, the car you drove in high school, the school mascot or your mother’s maiden name. Hackers set up these ‘quizzes’ in order to glean personal information that is often used as security questions when logging into websites. With this information, they are able to open lines of credit in your name or hack into your accounts.

I met Pat Palmer back in my KWGG radio days in the 80s. He provides top notch remote computer repair. I highly recommend him!

One Challenge

Spring time means farmers are on the move. I grew up on a farm and remember the times my father or brothers were moving tractors and planting equipment from one field to another. Many times we followed in the truck with our flashers on, just to ensure they got there safely. Even though farm equipment is massive, distracted drivers are on the rise. Please, slow down for both your safety and theirs. Remember these are the people that grow your food. How about a thumbs up, instead of putting up a different digit 😉

One Opportunity

Here’s a perfect opportunity to relax when it comes to lawn care this year. Dandelions are honeybees first food as they wake up this spring. We need pollinators for our flowers, gardens and fields.

Till next time…go out and do something good for someone.


Susan Sparks

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