What you should pack for college

It’s time to be an adult…do you know where your papers are?

Where is your:

ü  Birth certificate?

ü  Health insurance information?

ü  Most recent pay stub?

ü  Laptop warranty paperwork?

ü  Cell phone warranty?–And-other

ü  Important original documents?

Makes the perfect grad gift!

Save time, money and frustration

by being organized and in control of all

those papers that you MUST keep!


You can shift from chaos to confident in under an hour with this easy-to-use guide and organizer. No more lost receipts, missed payments or endless searching for that document that you know you have “somewhere.”


Order Now:

$24.95 + tax + S&H

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Here’s what people are saying about The Student Life Jacket:

“I can remember when I was in college how difficult it was to stay organized. I only wish I had a tool like the Student Life Jacket! What a fantastic, easy to use binder. I would highly recommend it to all students!” Loral Langemeier, Five-time bestselling author, speaker and coach.

The Student Life Jacket is a great way to save time and frustration—all the needed papers are in one place, no need to search for hours, and hopefully, money, by not having to pay late fees or interest on overdue bills because they were forgotten. Learning these lessons early will help my daughter in the future, when she’s totally out on her own. I can’t always be around to watch over her but I can give her a Life Jacket to help her out.” Just Like June Blog September 2012

“The Student Life Jacket is certainly appropriately titled. Susan Sparks’ straightforward style and “keep it simple” strategies make this book a must read for anyone making the transition into independence and early adulthood. As someone who works to empower young kids, I’m glad there is a book I can recommend that focuses on the fundamentals of being successful in the real world.” Mark Papadas, Author of 10 Secrets to Empower Kids & Awaken the Child in You, Founder of The I AM 4 Kids Foundation

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