Over the past three weeks, I’ve talked about establishing your personal brand. We’ve covered your ‘Why’ when telling your story and the importance of yASAP Writing Services, Unique Offerour mission statement. (Have you written that yet?)

(First, here’s a peek at one of my art journal pages. Something sunny and happy.)

Now we get deeper with determining our unique offer.

 Step 4: Your Unique Offer

Here’s where a lot of new (and even established) business owners get stuck: Determining your “USP”—or Unique Selling Proposition.

In other words, what sets you apart from all the other coaches, service providers, trainers, and product sellers out there? Why would someone buy from you, when there are so many other choices?

The answer is simple, really: Because none of those other people are you!

None of them have your personality.

None of them have your experience.

None of them have your insights.

And none of them have your story.

Truthfully, it’s that last one that will really resonate with your ideal client. By sharing your story in an authentic, personable way, you’ll make an immediate connection with your audience.

Maybe you overcame a hardship and eventually found success in your field. This will encourage others like you to reach a little further. Maybe you taught yourself a complex marketing strategy through trial and error and can now share your knowledge with others who are also struggling. Or maybe you’ve had the privilege of training with high-end, well-known coaches in your industry, and now feel ready to lead as well.

In my case, I wrote my first book, The Student Life Jacket, purely out of fulfilling a need to help my son manage his paperwork. I knew it would work for him. As it became real, I knew it would help other young grads get their stuff together to be on their own. As convinced as I was, I barely sold any copies – today, I can share that experience with aspiring authors as we plan the strategy for a successful book launch and sales.

Whatever your unique story is, there are those for whom it will resonate like no one else’s will. Remember, we can hear the same advice time and time again, but it won’t really sink in until we hear it in just the right way, from just the right person.

And for a certain audience, that someone is you.

Exercise: Share Your Business StoryASAP Writing Services, Share Your Unique Offer

Ask yourself these questions, and really think about the answers. Don’t worry about saying the right thing or writing like this is a sales page. Just share from your heart. You’ll eventually want to use this information in your sales pages and other marketing materials, but right here is just for you.

  1. What has been your biggest struggle in business? In life? How did you overcome it?
  2. What was your biggest “win” in business? How did you celebrate?
  3. What’s your biggest regret in business?
  4. What’s your biggest business goal? Life goal? How do you plan to achieve your goals?

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of Morning Pages, a practice Julia Cameron recommends in her best-selling book The Artist’s Way Working things out in a journal is a great way to let your guard down and dive deep into your story, your goals and…your fears.

Next week we’ll put all these elements together to attract your ideal client.


Susan M. Sparks is an author, book coach and direct response copy writer for entrepreneurs, speakers, and life coaches. She is the author of four books, two of which are Amazon Best Sellers. She has written over a dozen non-fiction books for business owners and coached countless others through writing and self-publishing their own books.

She is especially happy spending time riding horses, volunteering at a therapeutic riding center and reading. She’d love to connect with you on LinkedIn or Facebook.