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"Susan Provides an unbaised point of view to insure credibility"

“Susan Sparks not only brings a polished grammatical aspect to your work, she provides an unbiased point of view to insure credibility, while maintaining the voice and authenticity of the author. Susan provided for me a stress-free experience with the self-publishing process as well, by formatting and uploading my book to Amazon and creating an author page. The greatest part of working with Susan Sparks is her attention to detail in an organized and simplistic manner that allows you, the author, to remain creative and calm, so to actually enjoy the entire process of writing and publishing your work. I will use Susan for my next book, and you should too.” Joy Popma Gray, author of Catch and Release.
  • Coaches * Speakers * Entrepreneurs *  bogged down by book writing
  • Aspiring Authors unsure where to start

Stop Struggling with your Book – Get the Spark!

This one hour livestream presentation will get you back on track and on your way to the finish line

You’ll learn:

  • It’s not fear that keeps you stuck
  • It is not as overwhelming as it seems
  • It's not that you aren't creative enough
  • How to know what the next steps are to avoid the “author gap”

Hi, I’m Susan Sparks – as a book coach and author, I run into people all the time who tell me they are writing a book – when I ask how long they have been doing it, they start stammering and fidgeting and they are embarrassed to answer – one person even said they had been working on it for EIGHT YEARS!

When I asked how much they had finished, they said Four Chapters.

That’s not progress, that’s frustration, drudgery, and a bit embarrassing!.

As influencers, we love the idea and sound of telling people we are writing a book. After all, we’re experts, and nothing says expert like being an author. But you’re not an author until you finish that book.

I know exactly why you are stuck, and I know exactly how to get you going so that you make it all the way to publication. And it’s not what you think.

“I’m afraid of what people will think if they read it,” It’s not a matter of courage, it’s strategy.

“It’s just too overwhelming with all that needs done,” I have systems to help you.

“I’ve tried but I’m just not creative,” It doesn’t take creativity to write your book, in fact, it takes ZERO.

“I don’t know what comes after getting it written, what do I need?” You need a plan to avoid the author gap.

I’ll share the answers to this and more in a special LiveStream presentation – Get the Spark!

When I was a kid at 4-H camp, we used to sing a song that started… “It only takes a spark to get a fire going, and soon all those around can warm up in its glowing.”

Those lyrics apply to your vision and goal of being an author. If you don’t finish your book – your ideal reader, client or prospect won’t hear your unique message and they may miss out on the very thing that could make a big difference in their life. Don’t you want others to warm up in the glow of your fire?

There’s a reason you feel that deep rooted nudge to be an author. It’s not there by accident. You have a message, you have an important message – you just need a little guidance to get it out there to share.

Join me on Wednesday, June 28 at 11 am – get your place reserved so you’ll have the reminder and won’t miss this special presentation.

"I trust her implicity" - Jack Klemeyer, Certified John Maxwell Coach


You’ll gain:

    • A huge relief that you know all the steps to finishing your book
    • Know exactly how to grow your audience and 
    • Silence those skeptics and friends who doubt you'll ever get your book done!

You won’t want to miss any of this info-packed presentation. I know you’re busy, I know you are keeping a lot of plates spinning as a coach, speaker or entrepreneur. But I also know you understand the value in author status and you are tired of putting it off. You’ll want to join live – so I can answer questions and tailor this information especially for you.



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On this FREE Webinar You Will Discover...

  1. The one exercise that will eliminate procrastination when it comes to writing your book
  2. How to stay accountable and on deadline to finish quickly
  3. How to generate excitement even before your book is finished
  4. Plus, free bonus content: How to Leverage Your Author Status for Appearances and Speaking Engagements

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