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It’s not too late to find love! (Even on the internet) I found love online and I can help you too!

 I’ll never forget when I first met my husband. It was a message through an online dating site: “Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you!”

I took a look at his profile and immediately felt drawn to him. From there, the messages flew back and forth quickly, we connected at lightning speed, and here we are just six years later – incredibly happy and enjoying life together. (Yes, that’s really us in the photo!)

We still marvel at how easily we connected and the commonalities we shared. And we owe it all to that online dating site.

You’re not imagining things – it is more difficult to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Today, people are busier than ever – even with technological time-savers, it’s difficult to meet people and even more so to meet the people that share your values and your outlook on life. There’s more pressure than ever to appear to have it all, things like confidence and success.

I’m sure you’ve read a profile that just fell flat – it sounded forced or fake. It could be they just didn’t have the words that fit.  What if you missed out on a real gem? What if they missed out on you because your profile didn’t reflect the treasure that you are?

Seniors bring a lot of life experiences and wisdom to their relationships – but many feel they don’t deserve another chance at happiness or the love they’ve always longed for.

I’ll tell you from experience – love is even sweeter in our later years. Do you really want to miss that chance?

But here’s the good news: It’s ok to have help.

Help in the form of creating an online dating profile that reflects the true you in a positive and flattering light.

  • I know it’s difficult to write about yourself
  • I understand how it feels to get back in the dating world after a divorce
  • I know it feels uncomfortable to share your thoughts and feelings
  • I know you have a lot to offer…

…you just need some help putting it all into words.

I’ve been a professional writer for over 30 years – and while I enjoyed writing articles about everything from farming to fashion, I found my true passion helping others find the one thing every human being on this earth wants: love and companionship.

Nothing brings me greater joy than helping others have the thrill and excitement of getting noticed by someone who turns out to be their soul mate. I believe they exist- and not just for me – but for you too!

Through my specially created questionnaire, I will write the answers to those dating site questions that stump everyone: tell a little about yourself, what are you looking for in a relationship, or what are you most passionate about?

Those answers will be in your voice – giving an authentic representation of you – just like you were relaxing with a friend and speaking from your heart.

 If you’re tired of struggling through the torture of trying to write an online dating profile that will catch the attention of a loving partner, if you’re frustrated with less than suitable or sincere “lookers” who don’t ‘get’ you or just ready to give up because online dating doesn’t work for you, then imagine what it would be like to confidently post your profile and truly connect with potential partners who connect with you on a deep, even transcendent, level.

That’s what your yet-to-be-found soul mate will notice right away.

Online dating shouldn’t feel like work, it should be a fun, enjoyable journey of discovery. Let’s work together to polish your profile so that your light shines like a beacon – drawing your partner in from that swirling sea. Ok, maybe that’s a little too flowery – We’ll have some fun, and then you’ll be able to confidently post a profile that reflects the true you. Let the fun begin!

Get help now with:

  • Online
  • Headlines (Interchange them)
  • Professionally written profile
  • Get acquainted message templates

Yes Susan! I’m ready to put my BEST online dating profile out there. Help me write it.

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