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In just a few short years, self-published or ‘indie’ books have soared in number. While it’s a good solution for many authors it still needs to be handled wisely and professionally. Unfortunately, many would-be authors think self-published is synonymous with ‘do-it-yourself’ and end up with disappointing results.

I love helping aspiring authors get their books finished – and published. Yet many are surprised as they move through the process – it costs money.


Recently I was talking with a writer who was finishing up her book. Her excitement was contagious, she had set a goal, and it was nearly accomplished! Just a chapter or two to go and she would be finished. While it was a worthy goal and an accomplishment that deserved merit, it broke my heart to tell her there were many more steps ahead for her writing to actually be a published book.

I offer self-publishing services and coaching to help you be sure you’ve done all you can to present your book as polished and professionally as possible. This includes:

  • Ideal reader development
  • Genre, category and sub-category
  • Format selection
  • ISBN procurement
  • Copyright and Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN)
  • Amazon Author Page creation
  • Interior text design including font selection
  • File formatting and upload
  • How to repurpose content
  • and more.

If you’ve never self-published before, or if you have and found it too overwhelming, hand off the detail work to ASAP Writing Services.

Ready to forge ahead and do it yourself? Get a copy of my special guide “Self-Publishing Surprises” 

If you have questions about your writing project, schedule a 15-minute strategy session with me.

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