homecoming-dance-clip-art-homecoming-dance-logo-is-on-VWmxTG-clipartSome people get nervous when they hear the word Poetry. No doubt it goes back to some high school English or Literature class where students were forced to dissect the meaning in a stuffy old poem, discuss the meter, the style and such.

Prose Poetry is more contemporary – it’s more free form and the majority of the time you don’t have to scratch your head to figure out what the author was trying to say.

Going back to school, fall football games, bonfires and the Homecoming Dance stir up memories for me as a student and as the mother of teens in high school. I wrote this when hearing the complaints from my kids that tests and grades were interfering with Homecoming Week.

Grades should come out after the homecoming dance

Hormones hamper homework
While painted posters in the passageway
Entice eager escorts to an evening

Full of fun, frolic and first kisses
Dreaming of dancing diverts determination
Of high marks and honor rolls

Marks materialize in the mailbox
Parents panic at the prospect
Of summer school and set backs

Adults administer swift action
Tickets taken away in token
Discipline the date and the debutante

Grades should come out after the homecoming dance

(c) Susan M. Sparks 2013