The Student Life Jacket


The best gift for your young adult is not a tablet, a smartphone or an app!

The Student Life Jacket is the ideal empowerment tool for high school students, college bound students or those going straight into the working world after high school.



College students today are working college students, trying to balance classes with a work schedule, a social life, their health and wellness, housing, a vehicle and more. Most feel overwhelmed with all the extra stuff that suddenly comes along with being an adult.

How can you help your young adult cope? Give them the proper tools – not just the latest digital device. One important tool is The Student Life Jacket, The Easy-to-Use Guide to Staying Afloat in a Sea of Paperwork for Young Working Adults and College Students.

The Student Life Jacket is the ideal empowerment tool for high school students, college bound students or those going straight into the working world after high school.

This organizer and guide can save your child thousands of dollars over their lifetime by avoiding costly charges for missed payments, interest charges, lost receipts, expired warranties and more. It will save them endless frustration from the fog of disorganization that clouds their efforts in school, work or day-to-day living.

It also saves you headaches and money by equipping your student to be prepared before things reach a crisis, such as a lost wallet or missing out on a job opportunity because they didn’t have their personal information available.

  • Save TIME – No more searching for that bookstore receipt or contact lens prescription.
  • Save FRUSTRATION– Phones get lost and laptops crash, but vital information is conveniently stored here.
  • Save MONEY- Making an investment of a little time and effort to plug papers into the system saves them big – no missed payments, interest charges or late fees. Learning that lesson now will put them way ahead of the class in the future
  • Helps young adults TRAIN THEIR BRAIN to develop a routine, categorize their paperwork and follow through so they know where to find information when they need it.
  • Set them ahead of their peers by learning easy organizational methods that will GROW with them
  • Enlighten them to the fact that their own PERSONAL POWER can ignite enthusiasm, confidence and success in their college years

Young adults want to be confident and well equipped to make it on their own in the world. Ask any 20-something if returning home after college to live in their parent’s basement is their idea of success and you’ll get a resounding “NO.”

The system guides them through categorizing the paperwork and making informed decisions about what they should keep, why they would need it again and how long they should hang on to it.

Whether your student lives at home, in the dorm or in an apartment for the first time, the Student Life Jacket does more than organize receipts and paperwork. It is an invaluable resource for young adults to refer to again and again when they have questions.

The Student Life Jacket gives them answers on how to:

  • Manage their ID and bank cards in case of a theft
  • Easily locate warranty information for high-ticket items such as laptop, TV.
  • Avoid disagreements when it’s time to move out of the dorm or apartment with this one easy tool
  • Make their money last through the semester
  • Save hundreds in late payments, fines and interest charges with easy organizational file pages
  • Develop skills that make them irresistible to employers no matter what career they choose
  • Get straight answers for making informed decisions about the consequences of their lifestyle choices
  • Stay healthy and in school rather than fall victim to common campus ailments…including the major disease that causes enormous drop-out rates among Freshmen
  • Employ a powerful social tool that can pay dividends far into the future (I’ll let you in on a secret – it’s not Facebook or text messages)
  • Discover their own personal powers that were never encouraged in grammar school
  • Transform from clueless to confident

“It’ll be a pleasure to share this FANTASTIC information with “my” parents of teenagers…who need all the help they can get. I’m thrilled with the order and organization this book provides. It meets a HUGE need! It’ll be going to all my presentations and workshops as a “practical solution to cluttered minds.”…Christie Clarke, Out-A-Box Parenting aka The Nanny of Elgin

“The topics covered, the graphics and quotes give it an upbeat tone that college students appreciate…” Keri, student, University of Iowa.

Susan offers workshops, presentations, podcasts, radio and television appearances on the Student Life Jacket. For scheduling information, call 847-502-2494

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