Entrepreneur’s Guide to Successful Self-Publishing


The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Successful Self-Publishing

Know all the steps, terminology and requirements to self-publishing a professional, credibility building book with this handy guide


For entrepreneurs, coaches and speakers ready to boost their credibility with a book

Self-publishing must mean that anyone can do it and it doesn’t take much in terms of money or time, right?

Not exactly. While there are some people out there taking all the short cuts, their finished product is easy to spot: bad layout, misspellings, grammatical errors and weak content. As a reader, you may feel duped and certainly not motivated to read anything else by that author.

Actually, there is a lot to the self-publishing process and much of it is a surprise to aspiring authors who are solely focused on getting the writing done.

Terminology, resources and tips

As an Amazon Best-Selling author, Susan M. Sparks, book coach and ghostwriter, helps entrepreneurs, coaches, professional speakers and trainers navigate the self-publishing maze. She shares all the terminology, resources and tips in this guide.

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