Personal Branding Guide and Checklist


Create, Plan and Streamline Your Online Presence with this How-to Guide

Create consistent visuals, content and more


Branding is the buzzword of the online world. What once was limited to soft drink companies and fast-food chains is now expected for everyone from those searching for a new job to entrepreneurs striving to communicate their unique selling position. Think of branding as a standardized way to be memorable. Being memorable means being easy to remember, so prospects find you and clients remember to come back for more.

A personal brand serves many purposes:

  • Consistency elevates your audience’s perception of you as a professional
  • Less decision making every time you create a new product, page, or sales letter
  • Streamlines your message and marketing
  • Prospects and clients can find you easier and recognize you more quickly

The key is to stay consistent no matter where your prospects and clients find you. For instance, your website may have two shades of green, but you have a bright red trade show booth. There’s no connection between the two places you ‘appear’ and a prospect may not be sure the person they met at the tradeshow is the same person they found online.

Create, Plan and Streamline Your Online Presence

This Guide and Planner helps you streamline the elements of your brand – saving you time and reinforcing the consistency of everything you present.

Get your copy today.

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