Enrich Your Elevator Pitch ebook


Is this you?

  • You dread introducing yourself at networking events
  • You don’t know what to say that will be interesting
  • You are frustrated with networking that leads nowhere

Learn the secrets of capturing attention with an introduction that helps you stand out from everyone else in the room.

Learn how to bypass the boring, “Hi, my name is,” and implement strategic emotional triggers and tactics that keeps them listening.

Whether you’re returning to in-person networking events or logging into a virtual gathering, your introduction is the most precious 60 seconds of the event.

If you want to stand out, get your listeners to say “Tell me more!” and make better connections, then learn these 5 Highly Engaging Ways to Introduce Yourself.

Susan shares the secrets of persuasive marketing and how they directly apply to any networking introduction.


Be confident, engaging, and memorable at any networking event

Learn the secrets big business uses to attract customers and put it to work for you at your next networking event.
Boost your confidence, grow your network!

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