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How to Crush Your Social Media

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Over 260 topic ideas for posts, tweets, blogs and more

Fact: Today’s online business world is driven by social media. Whether you are a coach, sales rep, or service provider, ignoring social media means prospects and clients are ignoring you. We all know we should blog, post, tweet, pin and make all the noise we can, so many of us start without much more intention than “we should, so we will.” Creating an effective social media presence takes some planning and that is where many of us fall short: we dive in like a maniac and keep it up for a while, only to be overtaken by other events and business details. Suddenly you realize you haven’t posted anything for several days, so in an effort to still be in front of people, you resort to a meaningless tweet or post, or default to “Buy from Me.” If you’re like me, you’ve probably unfollowed some very nice people because all they could come up with was “Buy, buy, buy.” It’s unfortunate, because with just a little planning, they could create a meaningful, interesting and effective social media presence (and still ask you to buy from them). The great marketing guru Dan Kennedy says that people can smell desperation, and when they do, they’ll avoid you at all costs. Consistently posting that you have openings, or a product for sale amps the desperation odor meter significantly. However, if you share, encourage, offer tips, or other positive online ‘gifts’ you can still sprinkle in the “Buy” message and not come across as desperate. Remember the Mary Poppin’s song? A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. Think of this planner as the sugar to coat your sales message.

Create over 260 ideas for posts, tweets, blogs and more

This planner will help you generate ideas and content that relates to you – you are the one that will put your own spin on these topics. In doing so, it helps your followers and prospects learn a little more about you – which is far more interesting than an overshared, cookie cutter post that 17 other people posted. When prospects get to know you, then they’ll like you, and…you just might gain a client.

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