Copy Makeover


Personal coaching and critique on your copy by a marketing copywriting expert

You put out all kinds of content – blogs, web content, squeeze pages, even printed promotional material and none of it seems to convert.

People look at it and read it and say, ‘that’s nice’ but they don’t act. They have short attention spans and suddenly they are off looking at something else.

What gives?

Your message is missing critical components that trip our deepest emotional triggers and the drivers that compel us to act.

What if you could learn just a few subtle tweaks that will transform your message into one that actually gets action? Here’s a hint – these tactics have been used for over 100 years because they work.

Your marketing Copy Makeover is a private call with Susan Sparks to review your Website, Squeeze Page, Sales Letter or Brochure.

Susan Sparks, Copy MakeoverCopy Makeover: Personal coaching and critique with a marketing copywriting expert

If you’ve been using the same message over and over only to be disappointed with poor response, it’s time for a Marketing Copy Makeover.

A copy makeover can cure:

  • Ineffective Headlines
  • All about You message
  • Missing critical components including; lack of benefits, overcoming pre-existing doubts in your prospect’s mind, muddled, vague or over-hyped content that leads to nowhere, and other fatal flaws
  • Wimpy or non-existent offers
  • Absence of a call-to-action and lack of urgency

Get personal coaching and critique on your web copy, sales page, email drip campaign or marketing funnel - Susan will work with you directly so you can reach more prospects and convert them to customers with transformed copywriting today!

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