Part 2 of Personal Branding

Last post I talked about creating your own brand. I’ll admit, the idea of a brand didn’t sit right with me at first. Perhaps because it brings up visions of golden arches or some other tiresome logo. But, I’ve come to realize that it is just another name for what we represent. This week, we’ll dive into your story and why it matters.

Step 2: Your Story Matters

Susan M. Sparks | book coach | how to writeAlong with your “why,” comes your story. Your unique background will appeal to your ideal client in a way that no one else’s will. Again, we’re not necessarily talking about business here (we’ll get to that story in the next step) but instead, we want to focus on your personal life.

  • What struggles have you overcome?
  • What hardships have you faced?
  • What doesn’t scare you anymore?
  • How have you impacted someone else’s life?
  • How has another person impacted you?

Everyone struggles at some point, and when you meet your ideal client in Step 4, she will resonate with your story, and you might just become her inspiration. Where no other coach has been just the right fit, you will be.

A lot of people skim over the details of their life when creating their message. But think about this, when someone is being transparent and vulnerable, do you find yourself quickly connecting with them on the inside? After all, this person is owning her story and speaking her truth. If you are too afraid that Aunt Mildred or your mother will read your story, blog, newsletter or hear your presentation, remember those voices that speak out and above the noise clutter. Those who share their story because they understand the outcome will benefit others.

When you are clear on your why, you’ll have confidence to share your story.

Exercise: Write Your Personal Story

Susan M Sparks, creativity, write your story

My creativity break for this week. Mixed Media fun.

I love using my journal time to talk things out with myself. On those days I feel I’m too busy and skip this important part of my morning, I notice that I am much less focused. For me, writing is always the answer. So now I have a challenge for you:

Using the questions above, spend an hour (or more) writing your story. Share the details of your life, why you chose this business model, and how that affects your clients and customers. What in your background makes you the perfect solution for your ideal client?

Please be as detailed and forthcoming as you can. No one will read this but you, but it’s important to know what truly drove you to start your business. You’ll be sharing bits and pieces of this story in the months and years to come, and it will help connect you to your ideal client.

Need some inspiration? Check out these heartfelt stories as an example:

or you can visit my page:

Next week I’ll help you write a mission statement that is authentic, transparent and perhaps a little scary. It’s ok, we’re in this together.

Go be brave today.


Susan M Sparks offers copywriting, publishing services and coaching for aspiring authors. She is the author of four books, including the Amazon Best-Seller “The Student Life Jacket”  and ghostwriter for many entrepreneurial non-fiction titles. Need help with your blog or book? She can be reached at