There were some fighting words at the networking event I attended earlier today. I met someone who told me they had just rebranded so their marketing message was “good to go”.

Um, ok…

There weren’t any actual fighting words, (I’m not really the fighting sort) but I cautioned them banking on a new logo and a header design to save their business. Yes, it looked nice, interesting even, but there was no strategy for a marketing message to drive prospects to their door (or website).

Look, I know a lot of great designers and marketing people. Yet most of them readily admit that they rely on the client to provide the content so they can plug it in to their site or brochure.

Did you get that?

They work on the visual aspect; not the most important part of the entire marketing process.

Look at it this way, you need a foundation to build a structure – something that the framework will be on (your marketing funnel strategy) and then the walls and finally, the ‘pretty stuff.’ Now, we all want to live in a place that is appealing, so there’s nothing wrong with making things look as visually appealing as possible, but it doesn’t hold up very long if there’s no foundation under it all.

So, branding, logos, color schemes, your branding story, all play into your overall message. But not at the expense of your marketing message.

I’ve been helping Jennifer on her marketing message – not only was she frustrated that her business wasn’t growing like she wanted, she couldn’t clearly communicate the value she provides.

I have been in business for many years always struggling as to the best way to market what I do. Then I met and started working with Susan! Once I got clear on my message the other pieces fell into place. Susan was able to help me see the benefits of my services for my clients rather than what I do.

To top it off Susan was able to make marketing pieces from what I was using for new and improved versions. Susan is passionate about assisting her clients to be the best they can be in all aspects of their marketing!      Jennifer Johnson, Business Relationship Specialist

 Before you plan out the upcoming year for your business or invest in rebranding, take just a few minutes to watch my training on The FIVE FATAL FLAWS: Why Your Marketing Message Isn’t Converting Prospects Into Cash.

It’s only 33 minutes, so there’s no fluff – I jump in right away with helpful info.

It won’t make you an expert copywriter, but it will open your eyes to the critical role that persuasive copy makes in your business growth.

I know it’s a busy time of year, but 2019 will be here before you know it. Don’t you want to be ahead of things?

Before I go, I want to wish you a warm and wonderful holiday season. Especially a very Merry Christmas, health and happiness in the new year and great success for your business.

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