Media Kits

Are you prepared?

A Media Kit is your virtual sales rep or publicity agent, spreading the word about you, your book, product or presentation.

Event Planners, newspaper reporters, and radio & tv show producers all need content; that is, interesting interviews with personalities, authors, and speakers. Your job is to make their job as easy as possible by providing information about you, your topic or product in a way that compels them to extend an invitation to appear before their audience.

A well-crafted Media Kit provides them with all they need to know without doing much additional research to try to find out more about you. The easier you make it for them, the sooner you’ll be filling your schedule with presentations, speeches or interviews.

Buy now to have Susan create your custom Media Kit.

Components of your Media Kit:

  • Boiler Plate
  • Press Release
  • Biography
  • Book Biography
  • Speaking Topics
  • Learning Outcomes (for academic and other educational audiences)
  • Interview Questions
  • Speaker One Sheet

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