Writing is a Challenge, so is Riding

The last two weeks were challenging, and delightful. The challenge began after my riding lesson two weeks ago. I’ve been taking horseback riding lessons since January as part of my goal to do some of the things I’ve always said I wanted to do. In this case, I haven’t been on a horse since my college days. I had been riding weekly since January and worked up to a more spirited horse and more complex riding techniques. It’d been a great lesson and I was preparing to untack and groom my ride for the evening; Boy Toi. As I slipped the halter up over his ears, he jerked his head up. My hand was caught in the halter and since we were by an open door I kept hold of it since I didn’t want him to run away.

Writing challenge, Susan M. Sparks The result? A fractured middle finger on my left hand. And since I like to be an over achiever, it’s a spiraling fracture going the length of the first part of the bone. As you can imagine, the loss of one hand  (with the exception of thumb and index finger) slows down things a bit. But I am one to adapt and overcome and I’m learning my way around dictation software to get my writing done.

Do You Need Both Hands to Write?

While the process is a bit slower, it does force me to determine priorities in scheduling my work. Next week I’ll be back to the remainder of my series on how to blog.

I also have to wait four more weeks before entertaining the idea of climbing back on a horse. (Actually, I can’t wait)

#LFL a Cool Idea

On the flip-side, I was part of a dedication ceremony for a Little Free Library in my hometown. I was asked to give a few remarks on the importance of literacy. We all know literacy is important, it’s part of our daily life whether it’s doing our job, raising our family, or going to school. But I think the part that gets ignored is the aspect of enjoyment and pleasure that literacy gives us. There’s just something different about reading for enjoyment, regardless of the subject matter. Getting away from too much screen time and holding a book in your hands sends a message to our brain that this is different.

Beautify Knightstown Inc, ASAP Writing Services, Little Free LibraryI was delighted to be a part of the event, because I love the concept of little free libraries. They are popping up all over towns all across America. In Knightstown, we unveiled a gazebo shaped LFL on the town square. An adorable little red schoolhouse replica was also unveiled ready to be placed in another part of town.

I shared my memories of special teachers who encouraged reading for pleasure and how that shaped my writing career. Reading makes for good writing: it helps prime the pump and helps you find your own voice when you hear it.

I love the idea of sharing books, giving them a second life. You just never know who will be thrilled to find that book and the difference it might make to someone.

If you have a little free library in your neighborhood stop and take a peek at what little gems might be hidden there. If you don’t have one why don’t you start? You can find more information about the little free library movement at https://littlefreelibrary.org/


Susan M Sparks offers book coaching for aspiring authors. She is the author of four books, including the Amazon Best-Seller “The Student Life Jacket”  and ghostwriter for many entrepreneurial non-fiction titles. Need help with your blog or book? She can be reached at Susan@ASAPWritingServices.com.