While the calendar says April, it’s still feeling more like winter here at the home office. It’s not entirely a bad thing; I’ve been finishing up two big book projects and have some new offerings in the works. There’s something about spring that encourages me to look at things in a new way and ask- what if?

That’s where my ezine comes in. I promise to offer you:

  1. Something good
  2. One helpful hint
  3. One Challenge
  4. One Opportunity

So let’s get started. And why not start with something good?

Something Good:

I’ve been crazy about horses since I was a child. While I had a pony, and eventually a horse, I spent much of my adult life away from horses. In the past year I have changed that by taking riding lessons and volunteering at a therapeutic riding stable called Agape Therapeutic Riding Resources. This growing organization serves over 130 riders a month, helping them gain physical strength, confidence, and so much more. As a volunteer, I can tell you I gain so much by spending my time there. For that hour or so I’m there, all worry and care fall away as I watch riders beam with happiness during their class. Agape recently acquired a third location where they will be able to serve even more individuals. If you’d like to donate time or financially, follow the link.

One Helpful Hint

If you’ve ever been in a hurry for a photo to add to a blog or social media post, we may have overlooked the fact that not every photo you find online is free for the taking. One way to be sure you aren’t using an image illegally is to check the copyright info. To narrow your search just to images that are available for re-use go to TOOLS under Google Images, select USAGE RIGHTS and select the type of usage rights.

One Challenge

We’re starting out simple in the challenge department. This week, go back through your list of contacts and see who you’ve been out of touch with. Make it someone that you may think isn’t an ideal connection. Reach out, say hello and ask what you can do for them. And if they respond – then actually help them out!

Follow through is one of the most telling characteristics of a successful person. If you said you would do something, then do it. Often I find we hide behind the excuse of being so busy. Be a person of your word. Or – don’t bother to tell someone you’ll do something if you know it will fall by the wayside.

One Opportunity

Stop stalling and start writing! Something about spring gets us inspired to dust off things, air them out, and consider new possibilities. Do you have half a book tucked away in a word document somewhere waiting on you to give it a chance? What if you could find out if you’re on the right track with it? What if you could actually finish it? Let’s find out! I have a couple openings for a discovery call available. Schedule it here: https://calendly.com/sparkywriter1/discovery-call

 Till next time…

As entrepreneurs and small business owners I know it’s difficult to make time to do things other than work on our business. If you’re too busy to volunteer, or too busy to follow up on promises to those who are waiting to hear from you, it’s time for some help. I can connect you with copywriting services, a virtual assistant, business coaches and more. Let me know how I can help you.






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