How to work smart with a B2B Copywriter

If you’ve never hired a copywriter before, you may be wondering how your ideas get put on paper or online by someone else. Working with a copywriter is not the same as using an admin or virtual assistant, or transcriptionist.

Your departmental admin assistant has a litany of tasks to perform, and may be a grammar superstar, just not a strategic communicator while most virtual assistants are juggling emails for one client, posting social media memes for another, and hurrying through your content since they’re charging by the hour. However, it’s convenient to give them your general idea and trust they can “massage it and make it sound good.”

A transcriptionist only records your every word and give it to you in written form. If you’re not clear with your message, it most likely will miss the mark.

Here’s where I yield to the wisdom of my dear old Dad, “If you’re going to do it, then do it right.” Sage advice, especially when it comes to your marketing message.

Skimping on your marketing message is like saying it’s ok that you don’t hit your sales targets. You can’t have sales without clear communication on the benefits your product or service offers. Strategic and professional copywriting communicates BENEFITS to BUYERS.

That means your content doesn’t start with how great you are, how many sales awards your company has won, or the cutting-edge technology you use. Instead, it talks to your prospect as a real person with a real problem, who just wants a solution and wants it quick.

While there are many freelance sites online, you run the risk of snagging a general virtual assistant or transcriptionist instead of a copywriting specialist. Many people “love” to write, and they are usually grammar superstars, but a true persuasive copywriter understands the underlying psychological triggers of human nature and know how to strategically construct a message that leads the reader all the way to the Buy Now button.

A copywriting specialist will dig for more than just details on product specs or the ideal audience. For starters, a skilled B2B copywriter will ask for more, such as:

  • The success rate of previous content (and what content flopped)
  • What it was used for – and where else can it be repurposed?
  • How it relates to the overall company messaging – to ensure continuity and strong branding and the most important question…

What specifically do you want this content to achieve?

A transcriptionist or remote bulk content freelancer will not work with you on strategy or challenge your ideas, they only present what you provide in readable form. A professional business copywriter is both collaborator and consultant, ready to share insight with you on why a certain formula will work, the best tone of voice, reading level, and the biggest factor of all – clearly communicating the benefits to your buyer.

If doing it right is the way you want to do business, then start it with a strategic business content writer.


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