ghostwriting ratesHow Much Does Ghostwriting Cost? 

Ready to Hire a Professional Ghostwriter?

Whether this is your first time working with a ghostwriter, or you’ve already authored several books, ghostwriting rates may be confusing.

One of the biggest questions when thinking about hiring a professional writer as a team member in getting your ideas into a book is cost. I work on a per-project basis and tailor the timeline, milestones, and payment schedule to you.

First, a word of caution. Don’t choose your ghostwriter on rates alone. There are other important factors including availability, your timeline, your preferred participation level, and the biggest of all – if the two of you click. (Learn more about the right questions to ask in this post)

Should you pay by the hour or the project?

Most professional ghostwriters quote a per-book fee. Here’s why an hourly rate just doesn’t work.

  1. You aren’t billed for the time spent reading your notes, previous content, or background information before we begin the project.
  2. You aren’t billed for time spent on research to find a statistic or quote to back up information in the content.
  3. You aren’t billed for the time spent when I take a break to walk the dog or do a few stretches, even though I’m still mulling over what I just wrote. (Walking is an awesome mental break that usually sparks a better idea or two).
  4. You aren’t charged overtime for the aha moments that come to me at 3 a.m. that give your content the spark that truly drives the message.
  5. You aren’t billed for extra phone calls or email exchanges when we are working on revisions.

Another advantage of per-project pricing when it comes to ghostwriting rates is that you will potentially avoid running out of money before the project is completed, or get a big surprise with a bigger bill at the end. Part of the collaboration process is structuring the fee schedule to correspond to either a monthly amount or agreed milestones. Expect to pay a good percentage to begin the project. This will cover research time and project structuring.

When the ticking clock is off the table, (or the time tracker with screenshots) clients get my best work. I’m not feeling rushed or that I must hurry in order to keep your costs down. A per-project price reflects the hours of studying, seminar attendance, online courses, and daily practice that results in professional quality content for you.

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