How many words in a blog? ASAP Writing Services, How to blogHow Long Should Your Blog Posts Be? – this is the second in a series of how to blog.

Every few months there is new advice from a blogging guru saying that our blog posts need to be longer, or shorter, or that they should be broken up into 10 pages of bite-sized chunks… it can make you crazy. Let’s talk about this. How long should your blog posts really be?

What is a good word count for blogs?

It would be great if there was a magic number that guaranteed best results, wouldn’t it? But that’s like asking someone to tell you how long your conversations with other people should be. Sometimes it’s nothing more than a few words or sentences; sometimes you have a nice long talk. It all depends on how much you have to say to each other, doesn’t it?

The same approach applies to blog posts. For a quick tip or a recipe something around 200 to 300 words will do just fine. Add a pretty picture or two and call it good. (Remember to add keywords to the ALT tag in the photo info for better SEO.)

When you want to cover different aspects of a topic, share some examples, and give your readers as much information as you can make it as long as you need to make it. Long posts help establish your authority and if the content is strong it is more likely to be shared on social media. Long posts give the search engines a lot of text to sift through and give you more chances to rank for long-tail keywords.

The best advice is to mix longer and shorter blog posts, which makes your blog seem more natural and organic. It will also appeal to a broader audience, since some readers are skimmers – who prefer bullet points or lots of sub heads, and others are readers who will read to the very end. Don’t force yourself to reach a certain magic word count if you don’t have that much to say on a topic. Keep it short and to the point. Your readers will thank you.

See last week’s post: How to Write Attention Grabbing Headlines

If you have a lot of info you can break it up into multiple posts, like I am doing with this series on blogging. It helps both you and your readers from getting overwhelmed with one long post. Link from one part of the series to the next to make it easy for your blog readers to follow along.

Above all, enjoy the process of writing and pay attention to what your readers prefer. If your short posts tend to do better, consider keeping your posts short and to the point. If you’re getting a lot more engagement and social media shares on longer posts, combine a few of the shorter blog post ideas into a longer one.


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