Help! I’m Stuck

Is this the year you’ve set a goal to blog consistently, submit an article or finish your book? Great!

Did you get stuck? That’s great too!

The good news is feeling stuck is a strong signal for you to stop and assess where your message is headed. It’s also easy to get past that sticking point, and working with a writing coach and editor can help you charge ahead at even greater speed.

I’ve been helping writers put a Spark in their message for over 25 years as a newspaper editor, ghostwriter and copywriter. I help you reach your writing goals by helping you get clear on the necessary components including:

Editing Services

I provide developmental editing services to ensure your message is clear, concise and as polished as possible. Don’t rush to publish without a thorough review.

Self Publishing Assistance

Navigating the self-publishing world can be overwhelming. If you’ve written a book, or have turned to me for editing, I can further assist you through a successful self-publishing launch with:

  • Font selection/Interior Design
  • Formatting for print and Kindle
  • Assistance with ISBN number purchase and set up
  • Creation of Amazon Author Page and Amazon Seller Account
  • Uploading final product to Amazon/CreateSpace or Traditional Printer


Ready to write but not sure how to put it all together? As your book coach I provide guidance and feedback on your writing project to keep you on track and on time with your deadline.

We’ll cover several factors many aspiring authors overlook:

  • Proof of Concept – does your “why” really meet a need?
  • Publishing prep – what happens when you actually finish that book?
  • Writing – we’ll work together on a writing schedule and manageable benchmarks to keep your writing moving.


Busy business owners entrust me to write their books, ebooks and other authority positioning content. A book is like a super-charged business card that positions you as the subject matter expert.
It is my goal to help you realize your goal of being an author. Your story, experiences and expertise needs to be shared with your audience – together, we can make that happen. Whether you are too busy to get it done, overwhelmed by work and obligations, or know the power of delegating tasks to the experts for the best results, I welcome the opportunity to discuss your ideas, timeline, and budget to ensure we are a good fit. All content is confidential and copyrighted by you.

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