Ghostwriting Services for Business

Ghostwriting Services for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners


Are you looking for a way to rise above the constant tweets, posts, and chatter to attract clients or customers that are serious about doing business with you?

The best way is by positioning yourself as a subject matter expert – and the most effective way to do that is with the title “Author.”

A book is like a super-charge business card, establishing your credibility to prospects and clients 24/7. You can leverage it so many ways:

    • as an introduction
    • an education tool for prospects or clients
    • a qualification component
    • incentive or thank you gift
    • a springboard to new opportunities such as consulting, speaking, or media appearances

Many business owners and entrepreneurs know the power of a book, but don’t know how to create a clear strategy and message that gets results. They may even begin writing a book, only to get stuck or frustrated in the process and abandon the idea.


So how do you write a book when you are busy running your business?

Ghostwriting Services

There are several ways you can shorten the distance between concept and completion:

      1. Have a professional writer and self-publishing expert like Susan create the content for you.
      2. Write your own content with ongoing guidance with Susan guiding you through the steps on strategy, content, and self-publishing.
      3. Try to DIY it on your own.

Editing Services

“Proofread carefully to see if you any words out” – Dave Barry

Nothing’s more embarrassing than finding your errors after you’ve gone to print or hit the publish button. Careful editing and proofreading are essential to presenting your material as professionally as possible.

I require a sample chapter prior to quoting my fee for editing services. All material is held in strict confidence and protected by your copyright.

I focus on Developmental Editing

  • This is a deep edit for flow, clarity and readability.
  • Is the concept a complete idea?
  • Does it solve a problem, inspire, or educate?
  • Is the concept introduced, examined, and summarized in a logical and orderly manner?
  • Does the material stay on topic?
  • Are there gaps or jumps that are confusing to the reader?


When working as your developmental editor, I also complete line editing services, which is for spelling, grammar, and syntax.

I insist that clients engage the services of a professional proofreader after our final draft has been approved. This is another step for you, as the author, to be assured you have the most polished, and professional version ready for print.

I offer a 15 minute strategy call to see if we’re a good fit for each other. Please contact me at to schedule a time.

Business, How-To & Non-Fiction Investment

Ghostwriting 45,000 – 75,000 words, $20,000 – $30,000

Coaching, Concept & Developmental Editing, $8,000 – $12,000

Timeframe: 6-9 Months
Billing 1/3 down, remainder monthly through end of project