Here’s your free Self-Publishing guide

Welcome!  You’ve finished your book! Writing a book is a huge challenge; it demands your focus, time, and dedication to complete, especially if you are busy running your business, seeing clients and networking to build more contacts and prospects. You have managed to devote precious energy to crafting your message to inspire, encourage or motivate others.

So – give yourself a high five on completing!

Now, you need to know what the next step is to monetize your manuscript. Your book is just that – still a manuscript. There are a lot of other steps to get your work out there; editing, publishing and promoting are the big three. It’s important that your labor of love  be the very best example of you. That means presenting not only your message, but you as a professional.

This free guide, Susan’s Successful Self-Publishing  gives you an overview of the supporting materials that your audience, the media, and event planners expect from you, the author. You’ll understand just what they mean when they ask for your Media Kit, a press release or boilerplate.

Susans Successful Self-Publishing