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How to write and self-publish, entrepreneur marketing, small business marketingWrite and Self-Publish your way to a business breakthrough!

Entrepreneurs and small business owners: warm up prospects, attract customers, and position yourself as the OBVIOUS choice to do business with – by adding author to your credentials. You can learn how to write and self-publish your business breakthrough book.

A book is like a silent salesman, working for you round the clock. It’s like your best press agent – promoting you not only as a subject matter expert, but a helpful, heart-led entrepreneur sharing your gifts with the world. A book is also a legacy – and for many  – that elusive goal that is put off till things get a little calmer, or the business is running better.

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The trouble is, there will always be things going on. As a veteran ghostwriter of dozens of business books, I can tell you waiting for a better day is just another way of saying you’ll never get around to it. It’s another way of saying you’re not confident you have enough expertise to share, or that you are only fooling yourself – no one will read it.

If you’ve been saying you need to write a book, or you’ve been laboring away for years on an idea that just doesn’t come together, I invite you to listen in to my free webinar on How to Write and Self-Publish Your Business Breakthrough Book.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn:

  • How to overcome the fear of “I’m not a writer”
  • The fastest way to get started
  • How to create and utilize an outline that keeps you on topic and on schedule
  • Why you only need a bit of your story to relate to your audience
  • All the steps involved BEFORE you push the “Publish” button

 And more!

Susan M Sparks, author, ghostwriter, book coach, ASAP Writing ServicesPlease join me for this info packed presentation. I’ve boiled down the most helpful content so you can get started as soon as the webinar ends.

I’ve written millions, probably billions of words over the course of my career as a newspaper reporter, editor, marketing copy writer and non-fiction ghostwriter. I’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs write and self-publish their books and cheered along with them as they experienced profound leaps in their business all thanks to getting their expertise in a clear, concise breakthrough book.

Imagine having your book written and self-published in as little as 90 days. Find out how with me by registering now.


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