Editing Services

“Proofread carefully to see if you any words out” – Dave Barry

Nothing’s more embarrassing than finding your errors after you’ve gone to print or hit the publish button. Careful editing and proofreading is essential to presenting your material as professionally as possible.

Editing services include:

  1. Developmental editing
    • This is a deep edit for flow, clarity and readability.
    • Is the concept clear?
    • Does the material stay on topic?
  2. Line editing
    • Strictly limited to spelling, grammar, and syntax.
  3. Proofreading
    • eyes on the page final review for omissions and typo’s.
Developmental Editing

I require a sample chapter prior to quoting my fee for the above services. All material is held in strict confidence and protected by your copyright.

From Doug Bierl, Author of The Divorce Pill

Doug Bierl, authorSusan provided valuable insight in the final stages of my manuscript for The Divorce Pill, helping me to see the importance of adjusting tone and content in several places. She also provided edits and showed me how to create consistency throughout the book. The final product was much stronger as a result of engaging Susan as my editor. I found her insights, support, direction, and patience (especially with my edits after it was “final”) to be invaluable.

Other Services