Last night my soulmate and I celebrated the four year anniversary of our first date. Back in 2012, we met for a cup of coffee, which turned into appetizers, which turned into dinner, topped off by a drive through the Reynolds Christmas lights.

To celebrate last night, we went to Lights at the Brickyard – if you haven’t gone, it is truly a treat. We reminisced about that first date, and the thing that stuck out most to us is how quickly those four years have passed. We often make the verbal agreement of “30 more years” together. If we were young 20 somethings, then it would likely be possible, but as it is now, 30 is quite a stretch. But we are holding tight to that goal.

As much as we want to slow down the passage of time, we understand how precious life is. Events and crises pass rather quickly even when they seemed giant and overpowering at the time. All the more evidence of how quickly life moves.

This time of year we get caught up in so many things; shopping, visits with family, company functions coupled with our regular day to day chock-full to-do lists.

But the one thing I’d ask you to add to your list is to stop and savor. Savor the quiet, cold snowy nights as you sit warm and cozy in your home. Savor the clatter of a house full of excited children, music and laughter. Savor the moments when you slow down enough to realize just how blessed you are. It is a gift with tremendous benefits.

Merry Christmas and especially, Peace on Earth.

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