Do you worry more about what people think about you, than what you think about you?

As an entrepreneur, I need to promote myself in order to stay in business. As an introvert-entrepreneur, it is probably one of the most challenging aspects of running my business. I can easily write marketing and promotional material for my clients, I can clearly outline the benefits they provide, but I confess, when it comes to promoting myself, I am my most difficult assignment.

While I sometimes call myself a recovering people-pleaser, it’s difficult not being concerned about what others think. Do my clients like the work I did? Were they happy with it? Will they like it enough to recommend me to their colleagues? While I’m not expecting cartwheels and fireworks, I think we all hope that the services and the customer experience we provide put a smile on their face, and if not, it’s equally difficult to not take it personally.

However, there are times when I still worry. Then I realize it’s time to take a break – a long break from worry. A worry fast.

A Great Way to Fast

Fasting is usually associated with food, but how about a worry fast? There are so many things you can let go during one. For instance, do you worry more about what people think about you, than what you think about you? Are you concentrating more on the person you think people want to see than who you want to see?

A worry fast could be your antidote. How freeing it is to not concern yourself with someone else’s opinion of you! Frightening, you say? I know. It was for me too. Worrying about others’ perception is the primary activity of a people-pleaser.

A worry fast doesn’t exclude you from being a conscientious business owner or outright kind person walking about the world. However, it does take the focus off ourselves and frees up a surprising amount of mental time and energy.

One caveat of a fast is that at some point you break it. As food goes, we call that Breakfast, and it is probably my favorite meal of the day. Breaking a worry fast is not as satisfying; but like a muscle, I find that every time I declare a worry fast, I’m able to make it last longer. Unlike Breakfast, I am not hungry to start worrying again. Instead, I find that I am much more aware of my thoughts and reactions. Much like a prolonged fast, where you are encouraged to resume eating or drinking gently, the same applies to a worry fast.

While there will still be those challenging times when concerns – and worry – are part of the operational fabric of running a business, I encourage you to give fasting a try – a worry fast. When things get tough, write down what the worry is and put it away – you can promise yourself you’ll revisit that after the fast. Some people call it an emotional parking lot. You’ve parked it for now, you’ll look at it again later. Many times, I’ve found that by the time I’ve ended my worry fast, that concern isn’t really a worry at all. One of those miraculous results of fasting.


Susan M Sparks offers copywriting, publishing services and coaching for aspiring authors. She is the author of four books and ghostwriter for many entrepreneurial non-fiction titles. She can be reached at

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