goodfastcheapWe all want to believe that the dollar menu has its benefits, but honestly – do you feel good after you ingest? We gulp it down and move on, hardly memorable.
Now think back to a home cooked meal, lovingly prepared, lingered over with laughter and loved ones –savored and remembered.
Better yet, is the treat of a lifetime gourmet experience, special recipes, special people all well worth the time and expense.
Now, let’s relate this to your content.
There is an abundance of sites on the internet offering you cheap copywriting services. So tempting…toss them an idea and they suddenly regurgitate something with your keywords surrounded by blather. Great, you can slap that on your site and it looks like you are busy creating content. Perhaps, but isn’t that really the equivalent of the dollar menu?
Do you want your copy to read like a 7th grade book report or do you want your prospect to say, ‘Aha, just what I was looking for.”
Just as it takes time to build an effective website or marketing plan, it takes time to create the content. Jot down ideas, pay attention to what you hear away from your business, the things people are talking about, what other industries are doing (the drive up at McDonalds came from the idea of the drive up window at banks) and let your mind connect the dots.
Tame the impulse to hurry up and just get something out there. You can still have thoughtful, useful content that human readers will actually read if you give it some thought and time.
What type of client do you want? The ones that shop off the dollar menu? If you say you want clients in a higher spending range, you need to meet them there and speak their language. Are they dining off the dollar menu, the warm, loving, home cooked meal or the finest restaurant around? Consider that before you try to serve them up a $5 article.