What do you want to know about Susan Sparks?

Content marketing writer, ghostwriter, journalist, world traveler, horse and dog lover…just a regular person.

What you really want to know is…can I deliver?

As a solopreneur for over 10 years, I’ve been writing marketing content for a vast array of clients- from a school for farriers (horse shoes) to executive sales training companies and everything in between. Today, I focus on serving small to mid-sized businesses and established entrepreneurs to provide quality content in the areas where I shine: content marketing. A handy term for researched and professionally produced articles, case studies, and lead generation items such as E-books, webinar content, and more that helps businesses be the influential trusted sources that customers love.

These skills transfer over to other content including website copy, sales funnels and email drip campaigns, and long form sales letters. I enjoy the strategy involved, the collaborative and investigative stages, and the final delivery of content that helps my clients meet their goals as their business grows.

As a journalism major, my first job out of college was creating an employee newsletter for the State of Indiana employees. Nothing like meeting the Governor your first day on the job. My writing experience spans everything from newspaper and magazine articles to Navy Public Affairs – including a national Chief of Naval Information Award for Excellence in Journalism for a news story of a rescue at sea. I was a Navy spouse and contracted employee working as a liaison in the Admiral’s office and assignment editor of  the base newspaper, The Pacific Navigator. As the spouse of a career Navy officer, I’ve lived in Italy and on Guam, working as both a freelance writer for magazines to the contracted public affairs position.

Since 2010, I’ve ran my own content writing company creating articles, case studies, and non-fiction books|E-books for entrepreneurs and small business owners. I’m the author of two books(one is an Amazon Best-Seller), a contributing author to two other books, (one an Amazon Best-Seller) and ghostwriter and editor for over 24 non-fiction books.

My background in journalism, C-Suite public affairs experience, and successful entrepreneurial marketing means you’ll receive high-quality content, accurately and professionally delivered so you can reach your ideal market.

If you’d like to know more about me, please connect with me on LinkedIN or see my profile on AWAI.


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