Personal Branding Part 5

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Last week I talked about your unique offer or USP. It’s especially important that you determine that because it is the cornerstone of your next step, attracting your ideal client.

I’ll confess, there were times when my ideal client was anyone willing to give me money, after all, the electric company thinks I should pay them on a regular basis. As an entrepreneur, we are often afraid to say no to something that appears to be a good deal, instead of staying on track and focusing on our vision, mission, and ultimate goal. When it feels like you are chasing clients, chances are, you’re right. Dan Kennedy says that prospects or customers can smell desperation. When you’re chasing clients, you’re coming across as desperate! Learn how you can attract them.

This is where we identify who that ideal client is.

Step 5: Attracting Your Ideal Client

One of the biggest mistakes we entrepreneurs make is in thinking that our product or program or service is “for everyone.”

That’s simply not the case. Your ideal client is as unique as you are. In fact, as counterintuitive as it might seem, the more narrowly you can define your audience, the more you can charge, and the higher your profits will be.

Here’s why: When you and your products perfectly resonate with an ideal client, you become recognized as the go-to expert in your niche. Your experience is focused, your education is laser targeted, and your products and coaching programs are exactly what is needed by your ideal client, making for a perfect no-brainer sale nearly every time.

Susan M Sparks Book Coach, ASAP Writing Services, Personal BrandingThe only question is: “Who is your ideal client?”

You’ve probably heard the often-repeated advice about gender, age, socio-economic status, family relationships, business models, and more. And those things are certainly important. After all, if your coaching programs are designed with “heart-centered women entrepreneurs” in mind, clearly you’re excluding men from your ideal client base.

But demographics aren’t enough. You need to dig deeper, and really get to know your perfect customer. Think back to your story questions from Step 2. How would your ideal client answer those same questions? What makes her heart sing? What drives her crazy? What does she struggle with? What comes easy to her?

When you can confidently identify your ideal client, everything you do—from writing a blog post to creating a five-figure coaching program—will become infinitely easier. And that includes building your product funnels.

I’ll add that it doesn’t take long to realize the client who isn’t an ideal fit – you feel drained or irritated after working or talking with them, you may even react physically when thinking about their projects or sessions – you tense up or get a headache. Don’t ignore these signals – there is a difference between a client that isn’t a good fit and a client that just needs a little extra TLC.

Exercise: Create Your Ideal Client Avatar

Susan M Sparks Book coach, ASAP Writing Services, personal brand, be an authorThink about those clients you most love to work with. Perhaps you have a current customer who truly fits the bill. You enjoy her business model, her personality, and would go so far as to call her your friend.

This is your ideal client. Spend a few minutes (or even a few hours) and describe her. Give her a name, describe how she looks, how old her kids are, whether or not she attends church or volunteers at the animal shelter.

In short, tell her story, but tell it in her words, as she would. Put on your creative writing cap and really have fun with it.

Like your Mission Statement and USP, revisit this description each time you create a new program or sales page, and ask yourself, “Would this program work for her?”

Next week, we’ll put all these together to create your unique programs or products.

Susan M. Sparks is an author, book coach and direct response copy writer for entrepreneurs, speakers, and life coaches. She is the author of four books, two of which are Amazon Best Sellers. She has written over a dozen non-fiction books for business owners and coached countless others through writing and self-publishing their own books.

She is especially happy spending time riding horses, volunteering at a therapeutic riding center and reading. She’d love to connect with you on LinkedIn or Facebook.