Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Speakers: Write and Self-Publish Your Breakthrough Business Book 

You know the status, credibility, and visibility that goes with the title ‘AUTHOR’. You know your business can grow like crazy if you could just set yourself apart from the competition and reach more prospects. You know you ‘should write a book’ but you don’t know how to get started, or what’s involved in the process. OR-

  • You don’t like to write
  • You’re afraid you’re not a good writer
  • You’re overwhelmed with all that needs done
  •  You’re confused about how to get published
  •  You don’t have time to write

I can help!

I’m sharing all the steps I use to walk entrepreneurs, coaches and speakers through the writing and self-publishing  process to expand expand their reputation, gain confidence, and leverage their author status into BREAKTHROUGHS in their business.

As a book coach and author, I’ve been helping entrepreneurs and professional practitioners write and self-publish their non-fiction books since 2010. In that time, I’ve streamlined  the process with an emphasis on clarity and strategy, and the production of the finished product – that beautiful, bound book – representing them as professionally as possible.

I know you’re busy, I know you are keeping a lot of plates spinning as a coach, speaker, or entrepreneur. But I also know you understand the value in author status and you are tired of putting it off.

If you are an entrepreneur, coach or public speaker who keeps hearing – You should write a book – but you don’t know how you are going to manage it, then join me for a five-week masterclass that walks you through the steps of writing and self-publishing your BREAKTHROUGH business book.

One of my first (and favorite) mentors, Dan Kennedy, says that WORST way to make money as an author is selling copies of your book.

So why write a book? Because of all the great ways a book can make you rich. I know that sounds contradictory – but keep reading. Here’s how a book can make you rich:

  • Stand out from your competition – generate leads, warm up prospects, educate your customers and identify you as the obvious choice to do business with
  • Position yourself as an expert
  • Establish credibility and influence
  • Gain celebrity status – those who haven’t written books admire those who have and they want to know your secrets to success
  • Create a tangible product to give to prospects, clients and colleagues that has that Wow factor.
  • People don’t throw away books – you’ll be there, on their coffee table or book shelf where they will see you and remember you

One of my clients – a very skilled and personable business trainer just couldn’t break into the lucrative speaking circuit. With his book, he suddenly jumped from the slush pile to keynote stages – and from there he worked with me on his second book, which expanded his market and influence even more. Today he’s added three sister companies to his initial business and he never sold ONE copy of his book.

He used it instead as his main credibility piece, a networking tool and an incentive for his audiences. 

Before you sit down at your desk and start pounding away at the keyboard, know this: You probably won’t get finished. You may not even start. Suddenly you are staring at a blank page – trying to figure out some snappy opening line or great hook.

That’s not how to start.

In fact – the first thing to do is finish.

I turn the entire book writing process upside down, making it faster and easier than ever to go from idea to reality.

So many struggling authors think the book will sort itself out in the writing process and by the end, the reader will have figured out what the benefit was. That’s totally backwards!

That’s just one of the time-saving and laser-focused steps that will propel you to writing your Breakthrough Business Book in record time – even if you don’t like to write!

The good news is – you can take all that expertise, lessons learned from the school of hard knocks and experience working your business and pour it into a specifically structured book. So why wait?

Watch this special online preview of the course: https://youtu.be/IwtNtjFxrlM

Go from “I should write a book” to “I know exactly why and how I am writing my book!


My BREAKTHROUGH BUSINESS BOOK Masterclass is packed with the actual steps to help you get
serious with your book writing goal

(and have a little fun with the process).

In this program I will teach you how to Prepare, Promote, Produce, Polish, and Publish your book to position you as a subject matter expert, attract clients, and leverage your author status for Profit.

In this Master Class, you will:

  • Define the strategy behind your book
  • Understand why self-publishing is your best option and how to navigate the process
  • Be confident that your book adds value to your prospects, clients, and followers
  • Gain an accountability partner and mastermind environment as you connect with me and other masterclass participants
  • Remove the roadblocks to getting your content written

Class begins May 22
The class is normally priced at $1997 which is an outstanding value, but if you book by May 20, save $1000!


Weekly Sessions

Week 1: Publishing Prep

Should you find a publisher or should you self publish? What are the options, what are the scams? We’ll cover the dangers of “publishing companies” and learn the professional way to self-publish where you are in complete control of your content and it’s may uses.

Week 2 Plan 

Before you write that first word, we’ll define your strategy; the book’s purpose and the outcome for the reader. We’ll go deep into your “WHY” and learn to bait your hook to suit the fish, not the fisherman – thereby saving you time and frustration in the writing process.

Week 3 Promote 

That’s right! Promotion begins BEFORE you’ve written anything. Learn how promotion isn’t just letting people know about your book but a useful tool to refine your content before you waste time writing material that goes nowhere. You’ll learn how to utilize the power of Influences, Affiliates, and Implied Celebrity that instantly elevates your visibility and your reader’s interest.

Week 4 Produce

We don’t start writing until the 4th week. But hang on cause it will go quickly!

No staring at a blank page waiting for a bolt of inspiration. We don’t start at the beginning – learn how to reverse engineer your book, stay on topic and speak directly to the reader. In fact, you may not even write one word!

Week 5 Polish and Publish

We’ll smash the myth of quick and dirty books (write a book in a weekend!) and see the value in presenting the most professional product you can- and learn how to revise and how to work with editors and beta readers.

We’ll cover the checklist and the important steps to formatting, uploading and finally – hitting the PUBLISH button!


How the Spark Publishing for Profit Master Class Works

5 In-Depth Live Content Webinars + Recordings

I personally coach you on each module in a live webinar, also available as a recording on-demand and ready for you at a time that works with your schedule. I teach you what I have learned in my years of helping authors build their careers. I’ll share all my templates, all the links you’ll need and answer your questions in our closed Facebook Accountability Group.

Written Transcripts of All Lessons

Some people learn best when listening, others with reading. Each lesson will be transcribed so you can refer to it as often as you need.

 Work Book

I’ve done the legwork for you with system worksheets and templates to help you create your strategy, content and plan for each step of your book writing process.

Weekly Inspiration

I’ll serve as your accountability partner throughout the course. You’ll receive a weekly inspirational message to keep the week’s material fresh in your mind. This gentle nudge will keep you on track to keep moving on your goal to get that book written.

Meet Fellow Authors

Connect with your fellow authors (and me!) in a private Facebook Accountability group. I’ll answer questions there so we can all benefit  and rally around our fellow entrepreneurial authors. Share insights, ask for feedback, and give feedback. The focus is on YOU creating new content (ideas!) and having the time, space, and support to do that.

Lifetime Access

You have access to the lessons for as long as they are online and you’ll receive a few nudges before they are removed – if ever. By then, you will have long graduated and your career will be outta this world.

I’m so excited to share this valuable info with you. I believe that lessons learned the hard way are important to share so others can avoid the headaches and surprises I experienced. You already have enough to do, your business NEEDS you to concentrate on what you do best, which is help clients, attract prospects and grow your business.

I also want to share some of my juicy extras just because I’m like that. 😊


Personal Branding Guide – Keep your content, brand and presence consistent regardless of which social platform you use. These checklists keep you from reinventing the wheel every time you create a post or product.

And –

Sign up by May 20 you’ll receive the special early bird pricing PLUS a Strategy call with Me – Susan Sparks. You’ll emerge crystal clear on your direction and content, putting you way ahead of the learning curve.


  1. I’m giving you all my links,

  2. All my Templates (including the Book Media Kit)

  3. Step-by-step checklist so you’ll avoid costly mistakes or surprises

I want you to feel confident that you are making the right choice – but the class size is limited and the time to sign up is short. Write and Self-Publish Your Breakthrough Business Book now!

I’m in! Please enroll me in the Breakthrough Business Book Masterclass for $997   

Limited time 3-Payment option of $339 each

Payment Plan

P.S. One of the most powerful lines I’ve read recently was from a book by Suzanne Evans, a dynamic and successful entrepreneur and trainer – it said “Don’t miss the deadlines you set for yourself”

So simple, but let’s admit it: We often put our dream project on the back burner – after all there are paying clients whose work is more important – or other pressing things in running our day to day business. Stop putting this goal aside – how much longer will you keep talking your self out of this incredible tool that opens doors, gives you credibility, respect and most importantly – helps others while your business grows?

Sign up now – imagine being a published author before it’s back to school time!

YES! I’m in! I’m ready to write and self-publish MY breakthrough business book.

$997 before May 20, 2018


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